Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Liferay Sync Setup

Liferay Sync Document

Click on download button immediately it will give you one popup
Then click on save.

In my case I saved it in my desktop

Double click on the liferay sync executable file then you will get setup screen
Select the destination folder location and click on install
It will install the software and finally triggered with another popup

Click on finish.
Now you liferay sync installation is completed.

If you verify you system tray there you can find the liferay sync icon :
Click on that icon and select properties  option

Once you selected the properties option liferay properties screen will be displayed

If this is the first time using liferay sync click on Edit Settings option .

Provide your server details :
Ex :
Select the sync folder location : c:\liferay-sync
Server URL :  http://localhost
Password : test
Then click on ok
It will be triggered with test successfully message.
Select option guest and click on ok.
Open the portal in your browser and login in.
Add document library into the page and create some folder and add some files.

Then click on liferay “sync now” option from system tray

Automatically all the files and folders will be updated in you destination folder(c:\liferay-sync)
If you do any modifications in liferay destination folder immediately those modifications will be updated in document library portlet.

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