Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Control visibility of portlets

 In Liferay, you can setup individual access permissions for each portlet. It is doing by admin (or user allowed to change page layout) via Confogire -> Permissions.
Main problem (at least for me) is - if you will (for example) disable VIEW permission for Guest user (anonymous) - anonymous users will see something like:
Not very nice, right? Much more expectable just to do not display this portlet at all.
Solution very easy - just add into your

By default it's true - and displayed this message. In case it false - portlet simple not displayed at all.
You may also control this for specific portlet (especially in case for your own portlets) - simple add for specific portlet in liferay-portlet.xml:

Just found it today. Everyday found something new in Liferay (even after years of use!).

Contributed by :EMFORGE.NET

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