Thursday, 18 August 2011

IP Geocoder Portlet

Table of Contents 
  1. Information
    1. Configure
The IP Geocoder portlet locates your geological position. This portlet is not used so much as a stand alone portlet, although it does display your location in the portlet window, but is used in conjunction with other portlets, such as the Map portlet and the Google Maps portlet. The IP Geocoder portlet utilizes Max Mind's GeoIP City Database.
  • 1. Deploy the IP Geocoder portlet.
  • 2. Shut down your application server.
  • 3. Download the GeoIP City Database, such as the free GeoLite City Database.
  • 4. Unzip the .dat file to your desired storage path.
  • 5. Go to /{ROOT}/webapps/ip-geocoder-portlet/WEB-INF/classes/.
  • 6. Create a file at this location.
  • 7. Add the property maxmind.database.file=(GeoIP City Database .dat file path) to this file.
  • 8. Start your application server.

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